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BUILDING & MANAGEMENT is an open access scientific e-journal published every four months that accepts original, high quality and not published manuscripts. The journal scope covers all the phases of the building: project, construction, in-use, maintenance and end-of-life, and comprises a wide range of activities associated with the management of building processes where various agents in the sectors of architecture, engineering and construction participate.

GESTIÓN EN EDIFICACIÓN es una publicación científica cuatrimestral en la que se incluyen trabajos originales, de alta calidad, que no hayan sido publicados en otras revistas. Su ámbito abarca todas las fases de proyecto, ejecución, operación, mantenimiento y fin de vida del edificio y comprende un amplio abanico de actividades asociadas a la gestión de los procesos del edificio en las que participan diversos agentes de los sectores de la arquitectura, la ingeniería y la construcción.


Building & Management - Vol 1 - Issue 1
Portada V1  

Enero-Abril 2017

  • Implementation of BIM in Spanish construction Industry
  • Enviromental impact comparative tool based on life cycle assesment
  • Design and development of a novelty system of modular bathrooms
  • Management in the conservation of patrimonial architecture and historical centers
  • BIM methodology in Buiding Engineering Degree: Workshop in Graphical Expression of Technologies subject
  • Certification and adoption of a universal accessibility management system in the built environment: concept and application process
  • Study of a comparative analysis model of environmental and economic costs on a façade based on the life cycle approach
Building & Management - Vol 1 - Issue 2
Portada V1A2  

May – August 2017

  • Going on about urban planning principles
  • Reverse logistics applied to building companies. Demolition stage.
  • Synergies between last planner system and ohsas 18001 - A general overview.
  • Economic assessment of energy efficiency investments in dwellings.
  • What is the industrial and technical heritage? Understand it to preserve it.
  • Describing the urban form: Morphometric indexes.
Building & Management - Vol 1 - Issue 3
Portada V1A3  

September - December 2017

  • EDITORIAL: Underground
  • Dynamics of urban transformation and opportunities for efficiency and sustainability in the mobility system in latin american cities
  • Diagnosis of downtown shopping centres in tourist-historical cities: The case of the world herigage cities in spain.
  • Integrated project delivery, an alternative to the usual form of construction work in spain.
  • Management of the building survey at the refurbishing of the Cavajal/Giron's house in Plasencia.
  • Little changes make big differences: The effect of greenery on dormitroy students' satisfaction.
  • Management of entomofauna in buildings as indicator of symptoms of pathological states. I-Psocoptera.


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