The webpage of the School aims to inform society in general, and more particularly our students –the ones already studying at the school as well as those who intend to begin next year—so that they can have an information source to understand the way the School works, as well as to learn about the different activities and events that take place throughout the academic year.

This School is an educational centre belonging to the Polytechnic University of Madrid, which has already celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1996. Although most of the University schools and centres are more than a hundred years old, since they were founded in the 18th and 19th centuries, they worked independently until the Polytechnic University was created and gathered all the schools together. Therefore, a great part of the history of Spanish technology—over one hundred and fifty years—has been developed in the Engineering and Architecture schools of this University, as they were for a long time practically the only ones where all the well known professors and researchers as well as students studied.

Presently, the University and its centres are going through a deep change to adapt the learning curricula to the European Higher Education Space requirements. Therefore, the school webpage has to reflect those changes and make sure the contents are continuously updated. We would like to thank the time and effort dedicated by all those who have made this webpage possible, and encourage everyone to actively participate with their comments, remarks and suggestions.

Finally, the School of Building Engineering, as a dynamic institution, will continue to work in order to reach the highest levels of quality and excellence, and hence project its image at national and international level.




  • El lenguaje de la Luz: La importancia de la luz en la creación de atmósferas espaciales

    El lenguaje de la Luz: La importancia de la luz en la creación de atmósferas espaciales

  • InnoLabs


    (27_28_29 de octubre y 2_3_4 de noviembre)