This document is meant for the university community and society in general. It presents the Common Project of the School of Building Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, defining the fundamental elements which form its foundations: who we are, our mission, how do we want to achieve it (what values do we want to transmit), and where do we want to go (vision).


The School of Building Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Madrid has as its main mission to educate highly qualified students so that they can later work, with technical and scientific competence as professional Building Engineers. The School offers them quality studies to confront the knowledge challenges and to satisfy society’s needs, not only through the transmission of learning, but also providing the student with a critical opinion and encouraging their compromise with social progress, so as to become a model for others. In order to achieve this, the School will promote the development of scientific, technical and artistic research, as well as forward the transference of knowledge to society, developing further education of experts both in basic and applied research.


Regarding learning, the School aims to be in a medium term a Centre which:

  • Favours a comprehensive education to respond to society’s demand by a Study Plan suitable for the graduated student to be.
  • Encourages a practical learning based on solid fundamental scientific grounds, by establishing agreements with companies and institutions of the construction field, which develop activities related to the student’s education (cátedras Universidad-Empresa).
  • Promotes the incorporation of new teaching and learning methods, as well as activities related to innovative education which increase the active participation of the student in the learning process.
  • Supports student mobility through national and international agreements.
  • Offers students the maximum academic level, through a wide offer of Official Masters, Postgraduate Studies, Seminar, Lectures etc.
  • Encourages a comprehensive education of the student offering complementary activities, such as sports, culture and arts.

Regarding research, the School aims to be a centre which:

  • Promotes research, encouraging the participation and active presence of teachers and students in research groups of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, in research projects.
  • Encourages national and international scientific diffusion of the research activities through scientific and technical conferences and specialized journals.

Regarding human resources, the School aims to be a centre which:

  • Comprises a group of teachers and Administration Personnel involved in pursuing the objectives of the School, because these groups perform their duties correctly and feel an integral part of the Institution.
  • Encourages educational activities to improve and update the teacher and administration personnel knowledge and interests.
  • Promotes the assessment of the teachers and administration personnel so as to improve their evaluation and award their results, obtaining further motivation in their work.
  • Encourages national and international mobility of both teachers and administration personnel.
  • Promotes safety actions and the prevention of working risks.

Regarding facilities, the School aims to be a centre which:

  • Favours the highest efficiency in the services and facilities it offers, so that it can be to the advantage of the academic activities, of the university and which will be satisfactory to the users.
  • Develops policies directed to the permanent renovation of the learning, research and services infrastructures.
  • Incorporates technologies and innovative programs linked to the activities of the centre.
  • Advances and creates new facilities and services to adapt to the new internal and social needs.

Regarding the transference to Society, the School aims to be a centre which:

  • Fosters the presence of the Centre or of its components in the University bodies and institutions of the building construction sector (national and international).
  • Participates in the social network by drawing up agreements with institutions and companies (national and international).
  • Foresees the changes to come in society so that we can react quickly and incorporate new strategies to confront them.

Regarding quality, the School aims to be a centre which:

  • Promotes excellence in education and research by developing and implementing revised and corrected Strategic plans, designing an integral system of Quality Management and achieving international excellence certification to ensure the adequate implementation of our program.

Regarding material resources, the School aims to be a centre which:

  • Efficiently manages its resources, because it studies the possibilities and uses the appropriate control tools.
  • Improves the technological resources which modernize the administrative and learning processes.
  • Promotes environmental actions which increase the centre sustainability.


The School of Building Construction Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Madrid regards as basic the following values developed in its mission:

  • commitment
  • Transparency in management and in the income statement
  • Defense of equality 
  • Promotion of solidarity and cooperation
  • Responsibility
  • Confidence
  • Personal effort
  • Truthfulness and loyalty
  • Sense of justice
  • Respect to norms
  • Ethical, moral and professional integrity
  • Promotion of sustainable development
  • Respect and defence of the environment
  • Safety consciousness and prevention of working risks
  • Contribution to economic and cultural development
  • Participation encouragement in the university community , other institutions and society
  • National and international collaboration

In order to make these values possible, the university community

  • participates
  • cooperates
  • makes affirm commitment




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